Monday, 28 May 2012

Large paintings, coasters and cups!

Oops! Bit of an absence for a few weeks - but that's cos my mum was visiting me! :) I still managed to get stuff done though of course :D

So first off, I've been commissioned to do a large canvas painting, based on the bird colossus from Shadow of the Colossus, in silhouette form (my usual way of painting :) It's pretty large, at almost A0 size, was *great* fun to do! Pretty tricky at times tho, with 2 longhair persians being very nosey and wanting to see what's going on! Would love to do some more huge canvas pieces like this (feel free to request!)

The final piece!

Some WIP! As you can see, Curry and Chalky were very interested...

 Next up, I've been playing around with those funny little plastic beads that you can use to make colourful pics, or in my case, coasters! Why not have a nice colourful coaster to rest your cup of coffee/tea/alcohol on? ;) Some of these are gifts...I'm especially fond of the 'shit' one, it just looks so colourful and happy ;)
I know these are usually given to kids to keep them entertained, but hey, I'm a big kid ;p

A sense of scale for ya!

And of course, there's a new cup! This is for aunt back in England, she requested one of Kebab the hedgehog - here we see him inspecting a small flower in the snow! (He has his trusty friend Brush in tow too :)

Cups, cups n more cups!

All for now, I can get back to doing more stuff again (tho I am ofc sad to see mum go back home to London ;_;) Am sure there'll be another update very soon...

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