Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cups, teacups and phone stickers :)

 Got a little production line of hand painted cups going! Trees, oggs, cat paws, whatever you want! ;) And if you reading this would like one, feel free to message me! I ship all over the world! And hey, it doesn't have to be only cups - plates too, whatever you like. :) This is good fun tho, all this cup painting :D
Coming soon....and A2 canvas painting request! I will post some making of images of it as soon as I start it...

This one's for a friend who wanted this particular style of tree :)

An 'ogg' cup! Actually quite small, but a little cutie

For a friend who loves this cat paw, and also the little poem from Big Bang Theory

 Oooo and hey look! I requested the 'Kebab and Brush' iphone cover sticker from my shop, and it arrived today! Quite nice quality, sticks very well. :)

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