Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Environment piccy

Allo again - here's the environment pic I was talking about :) A nice happy, quiet market...with 2 cats having a little roam around. :) Why is the white one following the black...?
Will do a more bleak one next, this is almost too 'cheerful', hehe.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Monster sketch

Oops! Bit of a gap from my last update - naughty me. Buuuuuut...I have been ultra-busy at work, doing tons of environments, which I *really* wish I could show here....maybe 1 day. :) I'm working on a nice environment I can post here at the mo', hopefully will make an appearance in the next few days. For now, here's an experimental sketch I did, just playing around with different shapes and texture brushes...til it formed a monster :D Eeek, bit of a nightmare figure...Would like to try and finish this (after the environment though!)