Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The forest ghost

I've been enjoying drawing trees recently (well, always!) and so here's another! There's a spooky little ghostly creature moving through the forest, I'm not sure whether he's nice or not...probably best to just hide behind the trees and keep an eye on him...

Naughty or nice?

Next up I have 2 cups for my aunt that she requested - a spindly octopus and a fat fluff with many tails who has found some mushrooms...Enjoy!

I love draw swirly, tangly things


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cupcake monster!

Sigh, only a small post for now, and it's a little canvas painting! I've been working hard making loads of these (plus cards!) as there are many birfdays fast approaching, so I need to create ART (cheap) pressies for my friends :D I'll post 'em all once the birfdays have take place...don't want any sneaky eyes getting a preview of their pressie...¬_¬

1 birfday passed tho - a friend had her 30th, and so a cupcake monster was born!

Om nom nom

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Overgrown office

Next environment! An overgrown, abandoned office, no-one's been here in awhile...(human at least!) so now it's been left to nature. :)

The birds like it!

Enjoying doing these, maybe I'll do a character next! Ooooorrr...I might redo Flea's Journey but in Illustrator so it's all in vector, much handier. :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Red Riding Hood's Rainbow Forest

As the title says! Red Riding Hood's forest isn't suuuuch a creepy place to live in, but it's still for sure pretty unusual. :) The wolf hasn't yet been sighted...

I'm sure it's safe..

Next up I did a painting for my bf, to celebrate our one year anniversary, aaw :3 Kebab also turned  this day!


More environments to come! Maaaybe an interior next...

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mountains and monsters!

Hallo! Ooo it's been awhile hasn't it? Sorry I haven't updated in a month or so, I've been a lil bit busy! Firstly, I have a job atm with Finger Food Studios, doing secret stuff, but it's great fun :) Secondly I was in Vancouver seeing my twin sis for 2 weeks - loved it! But yes, time for an update.

So, did another environment piece, this time incorporating lots of textures, so it's kind of mish mash matte painting/concept. I quite like working this way :)

I drew somewhere I'd quite like to visit...

Secondly I did a little painting for a wedding I attended last weekend - congrats to Stefan and Tobias! 


Ooo and don't forget, you can still buy a copy of my children's book 'Flea's Journey', it's quite cute, both little kids and big kids will like it ;) Click the link below to take a look! (and make use of Google translate, I'm afraid it's only available on German Amazon for now)