Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Cavern Guardian

More playing around with palettes and environments :) Here we see a tiny lone warrior, who has made it through a dark creepy cave, and is near the very end of his journey, and has entered the last cavern...but a large Guardian awaits. : | (this place has a bit of a 'boss arena' feel to it, hehe)


I wanted to play with a nice palette, and make it look almost dream-like :)

Environments galore!

Yay, environments!! I'd promised to do more of these ages ago, so here are some! More will be coming, I bet :) First off, we have a more traditional style one, haven't done one like this in awhile...There's a sorceress lady looking out to the horizon - what on earth is that in the distance?? Giant statue? Or is it...alive? And is it good or evil? Hmmm....

Next are 2 'environments' that are more like screenshots for a game..they were for a little test I did, with a Little Big Planet vibe. :) This was great fun to do, loved doing all the different textures :D

A funky forest! (The black silhouetted character was placeholder)

A desert scene :)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Pre-order Flea's Journey!

Hey guys n girls! My illustrated children's book, Flea's Journey will be published next month, so why not pre-order a copy now? And for the first 2 weeks it'll be 8.90 euros! Bargain! It's not out til later in August, but won't it feel good to have a copy saved? :D

Click the link below to pre-order your copy on Amazon! 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Creepy Friday fun!

Some Friday creepiness! ...Or is it really creepy? There appears to be a ghost approaching a tent surrounded by glowing candles and butterflies; but what's the meaning? Is it like a moth to the flame...or some sort of sacrifice? : |

More playing with Illustrator (with some help from PS!) Don't usually do environments like this, but thought it'd be fun to try, something bold and vectory :) Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cuties and a cup!

More playing with illustrator, thought I'd do a little gang of cute things! A proud frog, a fluff with a pet butterly, a clueless tortoise, happy cupcake, angry dog and a scared hedgehog awaiting the popping of the balloon!


Next is a teacup and saucer for a friend visiting soon, with 2 fluffs collecting magical pollen plants. :3

Excuse my hand in shot, was difficult to stop the cup rolling around!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

2 Sparkly bags!

The bag sparkles!

A lil Kebab

2 bags, for 2 lovely ladies! One is a pink bag with blue and black glitter pen, featuring a tree spirit guarding a sleeping spirit underground, for a fantastic friend I haven't seen in ages who is visiting later this month. :D The other is a mini bag with a mini Kebab, for a friend and her cute daughter! A digital pic coming up next!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The mum birfday update!

An update purely for my mum :) (and mum if you're looking at this, look away now!)
It's her birthday on the 9th, so I wanted to make a few things for her - first off a bag with the picture I made a few posts ago - glitter pen for the tree, lady and Flea! Next are 3 little canvas paintings mum had wanted of our 3 past cats (the grey is George, the tabby Cid, and the black Raz) Lastly we have mum's birthday card - she won't be happy with me putting her age on there, haha ;)


George, Cid and Raz

Kebab riding a giant fluff!
So Happy Birthday Mum!! xxx