Monday, 28 March 2011

Fluff gang

A Monday evening sketch...just felt like drawing something cutesy and B R I G H T for a change, ahem ;) Trying to give it an 'Illustrator' look, but in Photoshop. Here we see a little gang of fluffy garden creatures, marvelling at the blue cat - all hail Blue Cat! : |

Crysis 2 is out now!! I hope you have bought a copy and are playing it, you won't be disappointed :D

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cat doodles

Crysis 2 is out, woo hoooo!!! Finally :D So great to see how well it progressed, from there being just a few sketches and white boxes to the fully polished game we see now. :D We're all super proud at Crytek. :)
So right now, Truds is playing through the 360 version, and as I was watching her play, I did some doodles. Felt in the mood for some silhouettes and something a bit silly, so here we have a lineup of odd cat-like creatures. :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

R E A L painting!

Allo allo! Here's an actual real canvas painting (omigodwowthatscrazy) that I did for some friends in Sweden, for letting me stay with them at their apartment when I visited the ever-stunning Stockholm. :) Very different from my 'normal' work, when I do canvas paintings, I love simplistic, silhouetted work that's kinda cutesy. :) Used gouache btw, in case anyone wonders!

And since I was in Sweden, here's a few pics *tourist mode*

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Overgrown mech - coloured

Sooooo, here's the colour version of my overgrown dead mech - now with more green! ;)

In other news, I got myself a little Canon camera (IXUS 130) and it's bright orange - love it :D Have already started obssessively taking photos of my 2 cats ;)