Thursday, 1 July 2010


Orrite! Well, first things first, the Berlin MADE event was amazing, great fun and very instructive.

Secondly, the website is up! Can be found here:

Me and meine schwester Trudi are sharing :)
And lastly, here's a little thumbnails silhouettes sheet I did some some biped weird looking robots.


  1. Sweet! My fave is the bottom middle one, reminds me of Mr Tall ;D

  2. Nice thumbs! HEy I also wanna hang with the fluffs! I really like the perspective you used on that piece make the piece stronger and feel more whimsical i love it. For some reason along with the perspective and all that i get the feeling i got knocked out and woke up seeing this its a bit scary, dunno why but i love it. I can really see a huge inprovment on your renderings skills, keep that up.

  3. Haha thought you might like that one, Truds ;D

    Aw cheers Dennis, for the fluffs pic? Ah that's an interesting view on it, I did want it to have a kinda blurry, dream-like feel to it, like you're seeing something you shouldn't. :) They're probably about to sacrifice something O_O