Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Blue fluff monster vs Flea!

Uhoh....there's going to be a huge fight here, and nothing's going to stand in their way!!....Or...maybe they are meeting for a chat?
Have been trying out environments; this is a slight rework of an image I did aaaages ago, but now that I'm concentrating on environments, could make it much better :)

Last post for awhile, am going on holiday soon back to 'sunny' England, yay! :D


  1. Love it, Asti :D Your work is really coming along I think (ok maybe I'm biased). I didn't initially see Flea sitting there, but now I can't unsee him, heheh. There's def something creepy about the blue cat in this pic.

  2. eeppiiccc i love it you really nailed the composition on this one. the mood is awesome so intense. also liked how you kept the more intense streetlights right under where Fluff is standing waiting to strike. nice work asti. keep it up