Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pearl's Peril concepts

Hellooooo! ...............Oops, it's been a LONG while since I last updated :x Sorry about that, been super busy, but at least now I can share some of the work I've been doing at Wooga on Pearl's Peril. :) Now, pleeeease take into consideration a lot of this is older stuff - I can't show all my snazzy latest stuff, as those chapters aren't released yet!

These are concepts for the environments for the hidden object game, Pearl's Peril - most were done in roughly 8 hours (including research, plannings etc) These concepts were then sent on to the outsourcers who made them in 3D and then overpainted and placed in textures, for a more realistic look. We could of course do it here, but our outsourcers do a fab job, and it would take us way too much time. :) And ofc these are only a selection of them; there's way more but I don't like them enough to show, hehe.

Pearl's Peril is a really lovely colourful game, so we can go quite wild with colours (which I LOVE) - so high contrasts, complimentaries and intensity, yay! As more chapters get released, I'll be able to update more work (and you'll see it get better ;) so stay tuned!

My very first scene - and I had to blow up Pearl's beloved plane, aaaww

All concepts are copyright of Wooga :)