Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birfday paintings!

Lots of birthdays happening this time of year, and that means...lots of paintings! So a non digital update from me. :) Lots of paint, pens and canvas! I was recently in London to celebrate with a friend for a surprise party, was fantastic! Mine looms ever closer, but I shall ignore it for now...

First off was my friend Hanna's Geburtstag, so here's her bday card and painting. :) (She was lucky to spend her birthday at Oktoberfest - prost!)

A happy flying fish

Hanna likes toadstools - and so does this monster :)

Next up was my friend David's birthday - he celebrated with a pineapple with a firework exploding out of it (the best pina colada EVER)

Cthulu wishes you a happy birthday....

Monster dino and mushrooms (some of David's fave things!)

Next we have Louise, the lucky girl with the surprise party! Was so amazing, she really didn't know, and I flew in from Germany for it :D

Hispter monster!
A cutesy one :)

And lastly a little one for my publisher - Flea, being Flea. :)


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