Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mountains and monsters!

Hallo! Ooo it's been awhile hasn't it? Sorry I haven't updated in a month or so, I've been a lil bit busy! Firstly, I have a job atm with Finger Food Studios, doing secret stuff, but it's great fun :) Secondly I was in Vancouver seeing my twin sis for 2 weeks - loved it! But yes, time for an update.

So, did another environment piece, this time incorporating lots of textures, so it's kind of mish mash matte painting/concept. I quite like working this way :)

I drew somewhere I'd quite like to visit...

Secondly I did a little painting for a wedding I attended last weekend - congrats to Stefan and Tobias! 


Ooo and don't forget, you can still buy a copy of my children's book 'Flea's Journey', it's quite cute, both little kids and big kids will like it ;) Click the link below to take a look! (and make use of Google translate, I'm afraid it's only available on German Amazon for now)