Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kebab Bags, Illustrator and more!

A mix of media! All sorts in this update :) Firstly, we have 2 bags - Kebab bags! Kebab the hedgehog likes to be seen, and what better way then on a bag? Hard to tell from the photo, but it's actually a glittery black, very fabulous ;D

Just a textile pen on a usual type of canvas bag :)

Little Kebab! Kept my hand in shot for size comparison
Next, I've been playing with Illustrator too, just doing a colourful silhouetted piece, featuring Kebab and Brush and friends :) Would have been nice to make Flea's Journey with this, I think...

The coloursssss!!
It was also my boyfriend's birthday recently, so I did a painting for a butterly for him - yes it sounds silly, but I joke with him a lot over the German word for butterly, which is 'schmetterling', which to me sounds like some sort of war cry ;)

*Screams in a loud voice* 'SCHMETTERLING!'

 His presents were then presented to him in a brown bag...the brown bag looked a bit dull tho, so I spruced it up a bit! :D All for now! More Illustrator experimenting and bags soon, I suspect :)

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