Monday, 9 January 2012

My Big Fat Update!

'Appy new year, everyone! Let me start by saying 'oh dear oh dear oh dear' - what an age it's been since my last update! Apologies...*offers cupcake*
Buuuuuut - what we have here is an 'Epic Update', or 'My Big Fat Update' :) I've decided to post many of the little tests I worked on (not saying who for ;) and also the many canvas paintings I've done for various gifts :)

First up, a character I was asked to design and a mock screenshot :)

Next up, a small weird hut (I decided on a Hut of Sacrifice!) and also a little cutesy princess design. (They look nicer as .swf files, but can't upload them here)

Next is a fashion style character, as well as a strange chair prop, and ad banner.

Also, a Christmas version of an existing game, and small icons/props to accompany it.

And lastly we have a series of different canvas that I made in recent months. Sorry about the picture quality on some, they're photos on the canvas in different lighting! :)

Phew! See, I'm not just sitting at home playing Skyrim all day ;)

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