Sunday, 17 July 2011

Now for something a bit different :)

Now for something a bit different :) Trying simplified cute fluffy creature, with cool patterns. Am attemping a vector style look, flat and sharp lines. Which one's your fave?

Also a black and white version of a slightly different one, not vectored but more painted - this guy looks a little bit meaner. : |


  1. pink and grey is always good, but i think the second blue one is my fave. and the second one of the grey ones too!

  2. Hey Asti stuff looks nice here lots of new stuff. Me like! The Sunday sketch is sweet i can imagine seeing you finalize it.

    Btw the green one looks awesome thats my fav. Almost like Aztec or Mayans creature, maybe the tale could be designed a bit more. something more interesting, almost like if you would only see the tale you know its this creature.

    Keep up the good work. big ups

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah I definitely should have developed it's tail more, i think I just forgot :P I would love to do a proper big concept of this guy tho, in a cool background. :) Cheers!