Thursday, 11 November 2010

Supernatural sketch!

Just a quick sketchy pic I did this evening whilst watching the tv show Supernatural....hmmm! There's nothing in it that looks like this (yet! I'm on series 4) Just playing around with a lil technique Truds is doing too atm, pulling images out of textures and shapes, tis fun. :)

On saturday I am on an adventure to Amsterdam with a few mates from here and London, plus meeting other friends there, yay! Hopefully it'll inspire me for more crazy pics :D


  1. Good that you two inspires each other. i really like this sketch its somehow iconic and feels like something from an anime. I just got this Death Note feel when i saw this. great work Asti keep experimenting and have fun.

  2. Cheers Dennis - haha Death Note! I used to read that, funnily enough :) Yeah it's kinda like one of the demon things. I shall indeed keep experimenting :)