Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Environment piccy

Allo again - here's the environment pic I was talking about :) A nice happy, quiet market...with 2 cats having a little roam around. :) Why is the white one following the black...?
Will do a more bleak one next, this is almost too 'cheerful', hehe.


  1. This is really great astrid, amazing progress you've made over the past year! Keep it up...rlly nice mood too :D

  2. Hehe cheers Jesper! Ah, I have had some help from Dennis too (environment magician!) am having a lot of fun doing them. :)

  3. heeya, this look sooo nice. Been following both Castle Blogs for a while. This scene is really captivating.

  4. Great idea !
    So many wonderful works , keep it up.

  5. Aw thanks Felix (I need to update my blog as much as Truds! ;)
    Thankyou also Sabin - your work is fantastic!