Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Monster Hill

Time for another update! This is the latest monster for the competition over at CGHub - the idea behind this one is a monster that's masquerading as a hill, digging into the ground and then anxiously waiting...It lures unsuspecting creatures/humans by the bright flowers that sit on it's face. Closer they get..closer...then SNAP! I hear you ask 'if it's so big, why doesn't it just walk around and grab and eat what it wants? Why the pretense?'...because it's much more fun ;D


  1. nice and productive you are, nice idea too, would be awesome if you could develop the idea of the monster hill. Its an epic subject to work with. Maybe some thumbnails with diffrent awesome dynamic camera angels like all your storybords are. Keep up the good work asti and thanks for puttin the Animatics under your profile.

  2. Tack Dennis! Ah I am totally hating this pic already now anyway, and it's only been a few days, haha. For some reason I often have very stiff angles for concept/illustration, yeah...need to work on that. :)