Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Some little bits and pieces - first is a room with lots of pc screens and general mess (perfect!) and the next is a quick sketch of a crack in the ground, yay! Need to do more, moooore


  1. I missed so much awesome stuff shame on me! great updates asti vids and skecthes. Im glad to see environments from you. Great work and keep em coming!

    wait love the forest, what a turn. i was expecting lots of blood and limbs etc etc.. naw kidding. always a plesure watching vids from you

  2. Hey, the first drawing in greyscale could be nice. Maybe good to practice lighting and values. give us mooore

  3. Cheers Dennis! Yeah I would definitely love to try doing more environments...I find them so difficult to do :S It's 'filling' the space that I find a problem, gotta keep practising :D Haha yeah I thought I should try and keep this one vaguely 'safe' ;p
    Thanks Felix - yep, would like to do more!

  4. I love your line art style. It's so loose!