Thursday, 2 July 2009

Es ist sehr heiss

Guten Tag! 3 new random pics to take a look at :) There's a weird goat creature, a lizardy thing, and a gangly robot, all rather fast images. :)
Cheers for looking!


  1. Awesome! Someone's findin' her style!

  2. The top image is my fave, as I like all the texture in fur :) Makes me wanna fuss it!

  3. Danke schone! :D
    Yeah it could be quite fussable...yet also might headbutt you if you get too close ;D

  4. The first one is my fav, I love fluffy creatures :D

  5. Three in one update? You're going crazy, this is excellent. I'm torn between the meaty-necked one in the middle because it reminds me of a lion-fish rather than a cat-fish, and the cuteness of the green goat. So furry, like he's covered in grass. Love it.


    this is no joke. Omg. The captcha I just got asked for to comment was ASQUID! I can't believe it! Truly a sign, let's take this as a momentous synchronicity :D